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Financial Advisory

Regardless of the stage of financial independence in your life, you are likely to have financial goals. A well laid out pecuniary plan acts as a mirror to see your financial journey towards the achievement of such goals.  We help you forecast, reflect, calculate unforeseen upheavals, and assist remediation action to keep your investments secure and continue to maintain healthy returns. Successful insight and planning provided by us will further help you obtain the cash flow from investments as planned

Tax Planning & Consultancy

Any income attracts tax, however, taxes can be saved if the expected income or gains are planned in advance. Our qualified team of professionals provide knowledge and guidance around all types of taxes in India such as Income Tax, GST, Service Tax, VAT, Profession Tax, Corporate Tax, etc. We are here to help you save tax, time, and your hard-earned money, avoiding any penalties or interests under any regulatory law. White Rose would comprehensively ensure compliance of regulatory requirements covered under various Acts in India as well as any other country.

Investment Planning

For the coming generations, WRFA encourages individuals to establish their financial goals by saving FIRST and THEN spending the rest of the income earned. 

We start with allocating your savings across various assets like Bank Deposits, Mutual Funds, Stocks (Direct equities), Portfolio Management Services, AIF Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate, Gold, National Pension System (NPS), PPF, Company Fixed Deposits etc., and then step into the driver’s seat to constantly monitor these investments and achieve your financial goals. 

Corporate Laws & Governance

Being governance friendly and maintaining timely compliance helps your business to avoid risks associated with penalty and other actions.

With the Indian governance system evolving to highly raised standards of compliance, WRFA takes care of all your governance requirements to assist you to focus on your core business and not worry about the rest. Our team’s years of experience and study will ensure that all the governance requirements with various regulatory bodies are complied with by your business, attaining complete transparency, accountability and security.

Insurance Planning

All businesses need insurance to help cover the costs associated with property damage, liabilities, third party claims, etc. There is a wide variety of insurance coverages available, which could be tailored according to the specific risks associated with your business. WRFA encourages and plans coverage for your businesses as well as personal / family insurance based on the following important aspects:

Life Insurance: Individual Life Insurance, Key Man Policies, Group Gratuities
General Insurance: Mediclaims, Motor Car Insurance, Home Insurances, Commercial Insurance

Set Up India

SET UP INDIA is a special service designed for ambitious minds and budding entrepreneurs, from mainly start-ups to foreign companies and NRI professionals, who are willing to commence their journey in India.

Regardless of the type of business/profession, our experts will guide you through the entire set up process until your business is functional and recommend the best practices in your interest. WRFA ensures to keep the hassle to bare minimum and promise your financial journey in India to be a pleasant one.

Family Office Services

As an advisory firm, the family office services that we extend are wider in the spectrum and beyond the standard wealth management functions, tax planning, estate planning, and philanthropic planning.

Acknowledging the fact that each family would need a different set of services, our role as your trusted advisors is to cater to all your requirements and direct through the intricate situations for the continuous growth of the family offices.

Additional Services

Will Writing

Accounting Services

Income Tax Scrutiny & Appeal Matters

International Taxation

Servicing & Reporting of Insurance Policies

Monitoring Current Mutual Fund Portfolio

Cross Border Investments

Advice on Mergers & Acquisitions

Financing & Loan Procurement

Management Consulting

Demat A/c Opening & Equity Portfolio Management

Investment Banking

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